Monday, December 24, 2012

Bright Snow


Bright snow, white snow,

Picturesque and pretty,

Beautifying everything

In country and in city.

So soft, so pure,

So wonderfully made

Such a perfect attribute

To winter's cavalcade

Grey snow, brown snow!

Gone the snow-bound hush.

The glory of the morning

Has transformed itself to slush!


See the snow, how it emicates
Before it all departs!
Then see how the jewelery emulates,
Entrancing all our hearts!
Go down to the sea and watch the waves
Emicating like mad!
But not when they enter in the caves
Where there's no sun to be had!
Eyes can emicate very well
If circumstances permit;
And they can even cast a spell
And then be quite a hit.
You probably think that it's unfair
If a meaning I'm not stating.....
Sparkle, sparkle, here and there
Sparkling is emicating.

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