Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Upsidedown



To the tune of 'White Xmas!'

I'm dreaming of a bright Christmas,

Just like the ones we have each year,

With the bell-birds singing,

The hammock swinging

And skies always blue and clear.

I'm dreaming of a bright Christmas,

With every Christmas card I write

'May your days be snowy and white,

But may all our Christmases be bright.!'

(Just as true now as it was two years ago!)

'Twas the night before Christmas;

The world was asleep;

The children slept peacefully,

Slumbering deep.

A feeling of joy

Was abroad everywhere

As a flurry of snowflakes

Blew by on the air.

A few little gifts

Just a ball or a pen....

The Spirit of Christmas,

Nineteen hundred and ten.

'Twas the night before Xmas,

The world was awake,

Wrapping last-minute presents

And icing the cake.

The stores were agog,

Full of noise, full of mess.

'We must buy BIG presents!

They're sure to impress!'

Some saying 'Oh damn!

Is it my turn again!'

The Spirit of Xmas

Two thousand and ten.
Last evening saw the Last Hurrah for the lead-up to Christmas. We are not church-goers, but we were asked to help out at the Church Christmas Dinner, held in the church hall. They are trying to make money to buy air-conditioning and as the evening progressed we could understand why. Many of our friends were there.

This is a particularly good shot of Thelma and Pam.

Joy and I look very cheerful.

I was asked to read some of my Christmas poetry.

Pam found some plastic lips in her cracker but I think she's put them on the wrong way up!
Malcolm was almost overwhelmed by the heat in his Santa outfit! Here he is nodding off quietly. But he still looks quite authentic. However, his presentation was delayed because the desserts were melting, so he snatched a bowl of ice-cream as he waited. During this time his moustache malfunctioned, his trousers fell down and his beard became entangled in something.

Consequently he looked rather lacking during his presentations and he even forgot to Ho-ho! I don't think he'll be asked back!
We then presented our Riotous Classroom skit.
And we rounded off the evening by leading the audience in a demand for figgy pudding. Ice-cream was more appropriate! I'm now going to have an early night!