Monday, December 31, 2012

Clean Slate/Resolution Unbroken



I have wiped the slate clean,

I'm no longer embroiled

In all the mistakes

Which have sullied and soiled.

I stand here new-born;

Like a babe I appear

And I plan to stay perfect

For all of next year.

If we meet up again,

At the end of December,

You'll gaze into my eyes

 And say 'Yes! I remember!

You're that one single person

Of infinite worth.....

The one person in all of the

Far-spreading earth

Who managed to keep

Every vow that you vowed!'
And I'll look rather smug

And a little bit proud!



You want a resolution?

An original resolution?

One that's sure to be kept to

Forever and a day?

One that wont be shattered

(As though that has ever  mattered)

One that wont be developing

Inevitable feet of clay?

Well, here's the resolution,

The ultimate solution,

Listen to it everyone,

It will help you to feel free .

'I resolve to dump the lot of them

Everyone I've got of them,

As soon as daylight's dawning

On January Three!'

*I'm not a smoker!

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