Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dressing -Up/ Waiting for You

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Though we live in a world of technology

Some things remain the same;

Dressing-up, for a little child,

Is still a wonderful game.

Nowadays there are outfits

To be bought at the local store....

Superman and Kermit

And many, many more.

When I was a child there was nothing

To aid imagination;

Everything was made from scratch

Whatever the situation.

My treasure chest was in the bathroom.....

The airing-cupboard no less,

Where our clothes were stored on the water tank

Till the time came for us to dress.

Warmed by the hot water,

Mum's were always a delight.

Though I was quite a different size

And quite a different height.

After my bath, when all towelled dry

And briefly left alone

I'd purloin things from the cupboard

And make those clothes my own.

Petticoats were just perfect

As ball-gowns for me to wear.

They were silky and clingy

And gave me a royal air.

'What are you doing, Brenda?'

A voice wafted up the stairs

And it was very important

That parents were unawares.

I'd cram clothes back in the cupboard,

No doubt in disarray!

I'd had to lower the curtain

On a really delightful play.


And oh the blueness of it all

As the cruise-ship drifts on by!

Blue chairs in a neat regimented row ,

Blue sea, blue land, blue sky.

Who could be blue on such a day?

Take your seat, and sail away.

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