Saturday, December 15, 2012

Festive Food



Like everyone else, I lick my lips

At the thought of festive food;

I think of glorious goodies

And I'm soon in holiday mood.

In the final days of December

I'll eat and eat and eat;

Some dishes will be savoury

And others will be sweet.

Will I eat because I'm hungry

Or heading for starvation?

Or will I be spurred on by the thought

That I'm sharing a celebration?

The Western World will be gorging

And feasting to excess

While the poor people of the earth

Eat less and less and less.

The thought won't stop me eating......

I'm much to shallow for that.

But it does seem awful that they're so thin

And we're so disgustingly fat.

Can this wrong be righted?

Not, I fear, in my short life,

But for sure the gulf between us

Will one day lead to strife.



Once there was a butterfly

Flitting through the air,

Waving it's lovely coloured wings

Without a single care.

Then it saw a little girl

On the ground below

And a feeling of great discontent

Began to grow and grow.

'What do I care for the bright blue sky

And flitting from place to place?

I know I'd be much happier 

If I sat on that pretty face.'

And so that butterfly flew straight down

And spread its lovely wings

All over the face of the little girl!

So that made TWO pretty things!

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