Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Home Thoughts

The first line is a quote from Catlin L. Crawford.


When I think of Home

My thoughts still tend to fly

To a place left long, long, long ago......

And I don't quite know why.

I couldn't be happier than where I am

In these, my twilight years,

Yet, every so often, home sickness

Suddenly appears.

I left Home sixty years ago,

That 'green and pleasant land',

And I don't want to return there,

So it's hard to understand

Why thoughts of country cottages

Bring tears to my silly eyes,

And why, under this bright burning blue,

I yearn for cloudy skies.

When I see the English countryside

Portrayed on my TV,

The green, the green, that glorious green,

Seems to hypnotise me.

So, when I hear of refugees

Who yearn for their Motherland,

I understand, I understand.

Oh yes! I understand.



Well, well, well, what's this I see......

A Santa's helper beneath the sea!

A merman in a pixie hat.

Whoever could have thought of that?

I suppose the little baby 'Mers'

All the damp little hims and hers,

Will be hoping for a toy or pet

And won't much care if it's rather wet!
Yet another party today. This time it was the turn of the Probus Club. I am amazed at the lengths some people go to to make things festive! But it was the weather that occupied most of the conversation. On Sunday there was a sudden change from brilliant summer to dank drippy chilly winter! It took everyone by surprise. We're in a deep 'trough' I'm afraid. However, our party was full of sunshine.
Some of us got to the venue, a restaurant called 'Sprouts', early to set-up.
Then the mob arrived.

Including old faithful faces. 
The Committee performed a nonsensical school-days skit.
I was the teacher, in cap and gown.
 (The children had chewed my arms off by the look of it!)

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