Monday, December 17, 2012

I've Cracked It!


Isn't it strange that one country

Has so many shooting deaths.

I wonder what causes the victims

To take their final breaths.

Is it, maybe, the climate?

Is it too cold, too hot?

Could that be the reason

That little children are shot?

Could it be the diet?

Do they eat too much cheese?

Maybe that alone accounts

For the dreadful fatalities?

Maybe it's their education;

Teachers are often to blame.

Maybe the children are taught to hate

As part of some playground game.

Maybe there are more bad people

In that country than in others.

Bad parenting could explain it....

Wicked fathers, wicked mothers.

I've just had a sudden brainwave!

They're not all Attila the Huns!

I have a sneaking suspicion.....

Wait for it!

It's the GUNS!!!!!!


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