Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In Memory

Barbara and my cousin, John, in happier days.


There are  mothers and there are  Mothers,

There are wives and there are Wives.

There are people who think of others

Every moment of their lives......

Barbara was hub of the household,

Around her the house revolved;

Through her every plan was formulated

And every problem solved.

She was an old-style mother,

The family was her all,

Her home was warm and welcoming

To all who came to call.

Yet she was no shrinking violet,

She was always out and about,

Doing her best for charity

And always helping out.

And friends, too, were important,

Even those back home in Wales,

And she loved to meet old colleagues

And swap old nursing tales.

Her  cooking was phenomenal ;

How she loved baking tarts!

She was truly adept

At all the domestic arts.

Barbara's been in my life 'forever';

A friend and relative is no more

And it is hard to fathom

That she's walked through that  final door.

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