Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day


I  wonder how many children say

'What do they mean by Boxing Day?'

Boxing? Nobody's doing that

And yet the name just comes out pat!

They don't see anyone in the ring!

They think and think like anything.

Well, little dears, here's an explanation.....

I'll tell you about the word's creation.
Long ago, when the world was younger,

Poor people often felt great hunger.

Rich people lived in glorious style,

And their servants suffered all the while.

On Christmas Day they never stopped, 

Feeding the rich till their buttons popped!

They couldn't enjoy their Christmas day

Because hard work got in the way.

So, the very next day, the masters said

'Now you can have some fun instead.

What's left-over you can take......

Bits of turkey, bits of cake......

Anything that we don't need!

You can have a lovely feed'

They put food in boxes  for servants' use.....

Bits of pudding, bits of goose.

And maybe they added a jar of honey

Or even....think of it.....extra money.

The servants were not allowed to shirk;

They still had to do their daily work.

But when their working day was over

They went home and lived in clover.

They opened their boxes and gave a shout

As they lifted all the goodies out.

Their little children danced with glee,

Maybe round a Christmas tree.
So now, my dears, you can safely say

'I know the meaning of Boxing day.'


You may be another H.G.Wells;
The future may inhabit your mind.
Dare to cast mental spells
And, who knows, you may find
That in future years to come
Your dreamings may come true
And people may be struck dumb
By the thoughts that come from you.
A hundred years ago,
H.G. dared to dream
And he thought-up something ridiculous!
A really harebrained scheme.
'In the future' the writer declared
'There will be giant screens,
Taking-up part of your wall-space
And showing distant scenes!
You'll be able to lounge in your arm-chair
And be transported away
To other realms and ages,
Away from the everyday.'
The people thought him crazy,
Too airy-fairy by half,
And many turned their noses up
And laughed a scornful laugh.
But today we accept television
As a ho-hum part of life;
We can view the bottom of the ocean;
We can view foreign wars and strife.
Who knows, the things you imagine
May one day come to pass,
The wall between the past and the future
Is made of transparent glass.
Everything starts with a daydream;
Is The Big One in your head?
Or do you stifle your brain-power
And do something else instead?

Of is the day for the up-dated family album. These photos don't reflect the battle to get the little boys to sit still, the hilarity over various peoples' odd grimaces,  and the initial unwillingness of some people to be photographed at all!  Nor are you allowed to see the rejects!

Rebecca, Dad, Mum, Greg


Rebecca, Blake and Brian


Harry, Greg, Michelle and Max


Harry, Grandpa, Blake , Grandma and Max

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