Wednesday, December 5, 2012



If only resurrection could follow this routine

That all of us could find ourselves as we once had been.

If old, old muscles, wrinkled skin,  and even weakened hearts
Could be exchanged for a youthful body, with all it's working parts!
But take a look at a faded rose,  it's petals paper-thin,
Brown and crumpled, ready to fall,  rather like our skin!
Is there a chance of revival? For certain you'll say 'No!'.
That rose will fall to the waiting ground with any winds that blow.
It's very hard to accept it. We feel we're of such worth,
But death is a component of that other wonder.......birth.


'I'm the only one without a car!' moaned Jake in mournful voice.
All my friends are driving. I walk! I have no choice.
Please, Dad, please! You promised! I don't mind if it's a wreck!
I don't need an up-to-date number with everything Hi Tech!'
His father looked him over, Jake was a typical teen,
With the longest, scruffiest hair-do the world has ever seen.
'I tell you what, Jake' he responded 'You've got to play your part;
Do well at your Bible studies.... at least that'll be a start.
Next you must raise your school-grades, at least from a C to B!
Finally, get your hair cutthen, my boy, we'll see....'
Jake duly worked much harder; at Bible Studies and school,
And then he fronted up to Dad, feeling confident and cool.
As soon as his father saw him, he looked quite stern because
Jake's hair was still unruly, as bad as ever it was!
'What gives with the hair?' Dad demanded, 'It still looks just the same!
Oh well, my boy, no car for you! You've only yourself to blame!'
Jake looked very confident; he'd the perfect tale to tell,
'I don't need to cut it at all, Dad! I've studied the Bible well!
Samson had hair to his shoulders; John the Baptist's was long;
Moses was totally hairy! That shows it can't be wrong!
Gotcha Dad!' he chortled 'When do I get my wheels?
I've been so long without a car! You don't know how it feels!'
Said Dad, 'I've heard it all now! You won't be driving far!
Those men you quote from the Bible, well.....
None of them had a car!'
They don't call it the Silly Season for nothing. It actually only lasts about two weeks and it's all most enjoyable while it's going on, but normal life seems to go on hold while everyone is determined to round-off the year in the only possible way! Yesterday was a case in point. Our Merry Mellows group shared a party with the Merewether Probus  group. The venue was large enough for all of us, and we did a silly little play as entertainment.The food was rather average, but the company was great. Here are a few photos for other members of the group.

The party was held at the Golf Club and the view was delightful.

An overall view.
Ros doesn't like photos!
All these people do!
Malcolm, far right, enjoyed himself.
But his photography lacked something!

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Kay L. Davies said...

You're so right about the body, Brenda. If anyone had warned me I'd live to be an old lady, I'd have been horrified.
My mental image of myself is about 32 to 36, when I was no longer a youngster, but could still work and play with the best of them.
The other day for Real Toads, I posted a photo of myself at 17, and thought, "That's my face!" but of course it no longer is.
You put it so well!