Saturday, December 1, 2012




Some connections are so strong they last with us for ever.
Others are connections that the passing time may sever.
Our best friends in the kindergarten we no longer know;
After all, that period was rather long ago!
We meet someone at the bus stop and instantly connect,
Yet a long-discarded boy- friend we can scarcely recollect!
Some are 'ships that pass in the night'  yet leave a lasting impression.
Our most  romantic memories are of the briefest session.
Personal connections are like wires, some thick some thin,
We never know how they'll turn-out when first the wires begin.
Some just snap or rust with time and they leave no regret.
Others are so firm and strong that they are with us yet.
These wires are made of silver with the odd one made of gold.
Such connections make us think of the phrase 'To have and hold. '


When first I ventured on a cruise
I felt some trepidation
Would it all be 'jolly-hockey-sticks'
With no time for contemplation?
Would I be required to join
In ghastly conviviality,
Full of wine and women and song
And too much joviality?
Would I be the odd one out
When it came to joining-in?
Would I be forced to enter games
Which I could never win?
Would someone grab me and throw me in
The deep end of the pool?
Would I be persona non grata 
If I didn't play the fool?
I recalled the English holiday camps
Of the country of my youth!
All that 'Wakey wakey! Rise and shine!'
Seemed desperately uncouth!
But I need not have worried;
See the gentle view above;
A corner of the Library
Which I really came to love.
I went there to write poetry
Or to read a magazine,
While idly gazing at the sea
And the pleasantly passing scene.
In case you think I'm a spoilsport
I really did have fun,
Mostly meeting new people
And chatting to everyone.
I even tried Line Dancing
And Trivia Games as well,
Though not too hot at either one
I enjoyed them, truth to tell.
But listening to a Guitarist
In pleasant company,
And visits to the Library,
Were the greatest things for me.


Kay L. Davies said...

You're right about connections, Brenda. And about cruises, too. I always enjoy the library on a ship.
Now, I think I accidentally deleted a comment you made on my blog. It is so easy to do with "the new Blogger interface" because they no longer ask "do you really want to delete this?"
Enjoyed getting a comment from you, however. I did read it, and if I accidentally deleted it, I'm very sorry (not sorry-for-you, but sorry-for-me).
Luv, K

Helen said...

I've been on three cruises ... loved each one! It's nice when good friends are with me .. it's also nice to meet new friends ... make new connections!

Kerry O'Connor said...

Connections of silver and some of gold..this is such an apt analogy.

Mary said...

So true that you never know when connections first take place whether they will be strong ones or those 'ships passing in the night.' We are indeed fortunate if we have some gold connections!

(By the way, I linked you into the Friday 'connection' prompt. You had linked at the Wednesday prompt, which was a different topic.)

ScottlB said...

I like the way you compare the silver and gold wires to connections.

Teresa said...

I love the connections you talk about. It's amazing how some people simply fade from your life. Glad the cruise was wonderful!