Saturday, December 8, 2012




The glint in the eye
The itching of the fingers
Gold is within reach



I recall, when I was young,

Carols at Christmas Time were sung.
Muffled up against the cold,
With candles in lanterns for us to hold,
We would be walking up and down
In the dark streets of the town.
Lights in windows attracted song:
We'd loiter there but not for long
If no food or drink were offered,
Or if no little gifts were proffered,
One quick verse and on we'd go
To find another window-glow.
Sometimes a door would be opened wide
And we would all be asked inside.
We'd stand near the fire as we were able
And view the goodies on the table.
'Give us a carol' someone would say
And we'd sing of the Baby in the hay,
Or of Rudolph with his red, red nose,
Standing near the fire to toast our toes.
Then the adults would be given wine
While, for us, a slice of cake was fine.
Maybe a cocoa would come our way
And good wishes given for Christmas Day. 
Then, on we'd go, feeling warmed and cheered
While twinkling stars in the sky appeared.
All very old-fashioned........I'm sure that's true
But to me it's still all fresh and new.
It was the turn of the Choir to celebrate yesterday. I took leave of absence from the Choir when I became President of Probus, as there was a conflict of interests, but I was was invited to the party anyway. I was held at Hilary's house, in a leafy suburb and we all 'took a plate' as is the Australian custom. I just took chocolates, which was cheating a bit, but there were plenty of salads etc anyway. We had a convivial time.
Hilary supervised the kitchen.
And the he rest of us sat around and chatted. (This is about half the number.)


Lmkazmierczak said...

Ordinary Words....Oh your 'Carolers' was pure confection♫ A most lovely write♥ Enjoy your blog so much..

Jim said...

Rinky, my math tells me that there are eight women to every man in you choir according to the picture of 'about half' of the group.
That would change if it was golf day for the rest of the men.

I like your poem of Christmas. You picked a nice "C" word.

Naperville Now said...

Love the caroler's memory -- we used to go caroling as kids. so much fun.

ImagesByCW | OceanDreamIllustration said...

Beautiful words :)

This is my Alphabe- Thursday - for letter 'C' @ ImagesByCW is about Charleston

Lady In Read said...

loved the carolers poem - so many C's..

Splendid Little Stars said...

I love the imagery you evoke in both your poems. and great images to go with them.

Jenny said...

Oh my.

I have caroling memories, too.

This year I shall load the Grandlittles in the bed of my truck with blankets to cozy up under...

...and we will sing...


...under the star-filled Arizona sky.

Thanks for a lovely link.

Your writing is so evocative!