Sunday, November 13, 2011

What is the Good Life?

asks us to consider the good life.


Ah! The Good Life! That's how we say it!
But what's the game and how do we play it?
Does leading a Good Life mean having fun,
Earning more than everyone,
Drinking, dancing, making love,
Doing whatever you're thinking of?
Does a life that's 'good' mean one that's cosy
With everything turning out nice and rosy?
Does the Good Life involve the joys
Of having lots and lots of toys;
The latest gadgets and holidays;
Anything that's the latest craze?
You may tell me your life is good
But have you lived it as you should?
Does leading a Good Life mean being pious,
Shielding oneself from the things that try us;
Living the life of a monk or nun,
Locked away from everyone;
Praying daily to be kept free
Of the sins that blemish society;
Doing good deeds in the hope that they
Will, in due course, pave the way
To that wonderful Heaven where only the Good
Are rewarded for having done what they should?
Does this describe your attitude?
What does your happiness include?
My life is Good, in an average way,
Sometimes I spend a convivial day,
Pleasing myself quite selfishly,
Doing whatever pleases me.
Not fit for Heaven, of that I'm sure;
I'd be turned away at Heaven's door!
But not fit for Hell! I'm sometimes kind;
I sometimes have good thoughts in my mind.
I may tell lies, but they're only white;
My wickednesses are only slight.
A Good Life is, it seems to me,
One of average normality!

A simple Alphabet


There was a young lady from Wales
Who couldn't abide the strong gales.
Though she looked really sweet
Being swept off her feet
She disliked all those head-over-tails!


Linda Jacobs said...

Simple, ordinary, average. Yes, that is the good life! You nailed it!

scape said...

lovely expression of a simple truth.

Anonymous said...

simple....but true!