Sunday, November 27, 2011


The Wordle

asks us to use all the words in the Wordle


Smug, the spinning spider sits.
Watching, waiting with his wits.
In the sunshine, ruddy, mellow,
Looking such a harmless fellow.
Subliminal thoughts just flow and ebb
As he sits quite still in his web.
He is the living fulcrum of
The spider-web we've come to love.
Silence reigns. But a gullible fly
Has seen fit to flutter by!
Just a shudder, just a rustle.
The spider hardly moves a muscle.
Then suddenly, he breaks the hush
With a most untidy rush!
Soon he has fly-pie for dinner!
One's a loser, one's a winner!

A Simple Alphabet

A farmer from wild Albuquerque
Decided to pose as a turkey
But he took quite a chance
When he did the wrong dance
And his turkey-trot proved to be jerky!


Laurie Kolp said...

Those spiders are clever.

brenda w said...

Both are delightful, and feel like children's classics. Your rhyming is well placed and interesting. The first piece made even me like spiders. It is hard to convince me that webs are anything short of miracles.

Daydreamertoo said...

Sometimes I feel sad for the fly...LOL
Great use of the wordle words!

vivinfrance said...

Brilliant rhyming, and great fun. I never complain about spiders - they do a good job keeping us fly-free.

irene said...

haha, fly-pie!

Janet Martin said...

:)) Enjoyed. Loved the rhyme and the humor...

Mike Patrick said...

I love how your mind works. What a wonderful deviation on the wordle.

Susannah said...

I love what you did with the wordle words! (And the turkey rhyme too.)

Both made me smile. :-)

Marianne said...

Spiders are fascinating and your wordle is clever and lighthearted! I find rhyming very challenging. You have made it look fun and effortless! Nicely done!