Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sad Facts ?

                           AMANDA PATTON

asks us to use the words in blue from John Clare's 'Autumn'.


The summer flower has run to seed,
As all flowers must.
 Shakespeare's 'golden boys and girls'
Will also turn to dust.
Every edifice we see,
Be it fine or squalid,
Will one day crumble to the earth,
Though it may seem so solid.
'The answer's blowing in the wind';
All that has gone before
Is somewhere like a grain of sand
On an endless, mighty shore.
The very air we breathe today
Is full of what has passed.
And we'll all blow into the cosmos
When we cease to be at last.
To think that there is something more
Is simply human folly,
And yet there's something beautiful
About our melancholy.
The summer flower has run to seed,
But more flowers will arise.
More buildings will be built, no doubt,
Reaching to future skies.
And we're the seeds of the future,
Of those who'll follow after,
Who'll fill the earth with great ideas
And honesty and laughter.
And, when the earth, itself, is old
And fades into decay,
Somewhere our seed will settle,
To greet a bright new day.


You think you see a fish?
Look closer! Look some more.
You see a series of patterns;
Nothing from sea or shore.
Each segment is un-fishlike,
Yet the artist's skill is such
That this is the fish of imagining,
One we can almost touch!
You think you see the sea?
You see some curlicues!
They coil and curl like the tails of fish
In varying shades of blue.
The 'Me' we meet in the title
Is of human-kind.... must be;
Not many author-fish abound
At the bottom of the sea!
From dark to light, not light to dark!
Swimming downward to the sun!
Now we begin to realise
What a clever artist's done!
He's set us all a-wondering,
That cannot be denied.
Now comes the proof of the pudding!
We need to look inside!


Susie Clevenger said...

The beauty of summer flowers must die to be reborn again....a beautiful poem

Gemma Wiseman said...

Love how the title questions whther there is really a warranted sadness in the passing of summer if it is merely a stage pre-empting re-birth! Lovely poem!

Whitesnake said...

Well done!
Questioning start

Anonymous said...

flowers don't last as long as humans, but they have their beautiful little life to make ours much better

Belva Rae Staples said...

We are born to die and as the flower our beauty is fading fast. I am content to trust in folly. Wonderful poem!