Sunday, November 13, 2011


The Wordle


We are  asked to use the random words in the wordle.


Why search the heavens for miracles when they lie all around?
Fish swimming rapidly through coral without a single sound,
Bees as they balance on a petal, taking honey from the flower,
The safety and strength of a great horse and its perfectly-managed power,
Chameleons with eyes that swivel, as motionless they stand,
The eloquent finger of a chimpanzee as he scratches in the sand,
Cats when they're cleaning their whiskers, with infinite care and grace!
There is no doubt about it; the world's a miraculous place.
We don't have to see any point in it, it just IS it seems to me,
But aren't we lucky to be creatures that can think and hear and see?


'I've told you time after time!'
'Time-out, kids!'
'Bath-time, you two!'
'I must make time to visit her!'
'About time, too!'
'I never have time to myself!'
'I suppose I'll just have to kill time!'
'Quality time is what we need!'
'Time, Gentlemen, please!'
The earthquake struck!
The stone clock in the market place
Broke like a biscuit.
The conversations ended,
Time died.
Tick! Tock!


Laurie Kolp said...

Love your wordle, Brenda. It's so important to take the time to stop and appreciate the miracles/beauty of the world.

Nanka said...

Splendid miracles that we see around us!! You painted a beautiful nature park with your words!! Lovely imagery!!

Mary said...

What beautiful thoughts you expressed in this wordle. Yes, there are beautiful things for us all to behold if we only take time to SEE.

Mike Patrick said...

Ahh, rhyming couplets of grace and beauty, gently embracing the wordle words. Rinkly, you make it look so easy, and then follow it with the death of time. Your blog has become one of my favorite stops every week. You NEVER disappoint.

Anonymous said...

The world is a miraculous place - and you did a terrific job placing the words in a natural setting.

Marianne said...

There is wonder in so many things. Your wordle is lovely!