Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Comfort Clothes



I can nap in anything, Maxine!
And nothing too, if you know what  mean!
After lunch I go all sort of limp
And lose the urge to titivate or primp.
The nearest couch just beckons and I flop;
No matter that I'm in my sequined top!
Creases? I say who cares about a crease?
All I ask is an hour or two of peace.
But when it comes to comfort I insist
That comfortable shoes are on my list.
Should I attempt high heels I simply stagger;
Not for me the slinky walk or martial swagger!
I get a pained expression on my face
As I'm limping at an ever-slower pace.
Yes! Comfortable shoes are what I need.
A sure sign that I'm very old indeed!
But wait! There is that other irritation,
A quite unnecessary complication!
Those little tags and labels at the neck
Which make my skin an itchy scratchy wreck!
Labels never worried me before!
But now I find they make me really sore!
Ban them, I say! Our simply cut them out!
Surely they're something we could do without!
And so, Maxine, I have a carefree snooze.
Relaxing in 'no tags' and comfy shoes!


She tied me up in the shadows, but at least I've found the sun!
But doesn't she even realise she left my coat undone!
It's really very wintry, there's a bitterness in the breeze!
The only good thing that I can see is it's killed-off all my fleas!
I'm looking at the store-front with a very longing look.
She's inside in the heating and I jolly well hope she'll cook!
She's left me here to shiver; she didn't put on my vest!
I'm absolutely certain I'll get a cold on my little chest!
'Man's Best Friend!' Now there's a laugh! Ah yes! Now I can see!
She's sitting in the cafe, there, having a cup of tea!
When she returns she'll pat my head saying 'Good dog! Shake hands! Beg!'
But I will look disdainful
And bite her on the leg!


photowannabe said...

Love your ending to "The Whine".
I am all for comfort too. A nap in comfort is absolutely the best.

Joy said...

I do like a comfortable shoe too.
Its a very alert dog, perhaps too wintry to snooze.
Joy, ABC Team

Roger Owen Green said...

function over fashion, I say!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team