Monday, February 6, 2012

King Arthur's Great Ruby

supplied the illustration


Of course, it was just make-believe,
That the townsfolk knew,
Although they had a secret hope
That it was really true.

'They say a gigantic jewel
Lies at the bottom of the lake!'

'They say it was King Arthur's.....
My word! For goodness sake!'

'If we found it we'd be famous!
Think of coverage on T.V.!'

'If anyone's going to find it,
I hope that someone's me!'

'Do you believe the story.....
That magic is involved?'

'Well, unless somebody takes the plunge,
It never will be solved!'

'I'm jolly well going to jump in!
I want to be well-known!'

Rita Smith from Ackerman Street
Jumped in! And turned to stone!

The people of the town rejoiced.
'She was really good sport!
We'll be on T.V. tonight
On the '7.30 Report!'


As regular readers of my blog must already understand,
I am against religion; I think it should be banned.
Individuals find solace, but I feel society
Would be better-off without it, and sentimental piety.
So the idea of Guardian Angels is something I find strange.
For one thing the organisation must be tricky to arrange!
Is there one Angel per person? Or do we have to share?
Do the Angels have a choice regarding the person in their care?
If a very saintly Angel were allocated a crim,
Would she still guard him carefully and do her best for him?
Are Angels normal people who, after they have died,
Move up the ladder of success and are finally Angelfied?
Or did they start out as Fairies and graduate over time
Beginning as merely magical and ending-up sublime?
If I have a Guardian Angel she's been very, very slack
And next time that I see her I'll be giving her the sack!


Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

fantastic story on top,

of course, it is a make believe.
best regards.

Kat said...

from kindergarten to oldergarten we just LOVE such stories..!!!!

On Guard: Last heard was that computers have been deployed to effectively keep tab on people.... am sure that the service would now improve and your Guardian Angel should be sending you mails :-)))

Wayne Pitchko said...

nicely done....thanks for sharing this

Doctor FTSE said...

I love the first poem. You entertain as always.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

But we always hope that it's real...... ;)

(Really LOVING the guardian angel post! I'm hoping that mine is still a fairy!)

Love visiting. You have a fabulous mind and pen!

The Collage Pirate