Sunday, February 19, 2012

Amazingly Anamorphic



All haphazard! Splodges of paint!
Daubed around with no restraint!
Surely no-one would be paid
To paint this mishmash cavalcade!
Anyone, it seems to me,
Could splash the paint round carelessly!
Nothing seems to match at all
On the ceiling or on the wall!
But wait! If you stand in the spot that's right
You see a very different sight!
It all lines-up; it all makes sense.
The artist wasn't really dense!
It's a work of art, a work of note!
The yellow pattern seems to float!
Amazing anamorphic art!
Give me a brush! I want to start!



Mark, a boy of six years old was waiting outside a store.
A kindly clergyman came up and said 'What are you waiting for?'
'I'm waiting for my mother' the little chap replied,
'She told me to wait here for her while she popped inside'.
'Well, maybe you can help me' the clergyman was heard to say;
'I'm looking for the nearest park; I seem to have lost my way'.
'It's only round the corner' said the little boy at once,
Thinking that the clergyman was something of a dunce!
'Now tell me this' said the clergyman 'Do you go to church young man?
I can show you the way to Heaven! Yes, I really can!'
'Show me the way to Heaven! I don't think so!' said Mark;
'You can't know your way to Heaven if you can't find your way to the park!'

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Anonymous said...

OMG, do you see whats taking place in Syria? In spite of a brutal government crackdown, the manifestations continue