Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Let-Down

asks us for a VERY short story


She planned a tet-a-tete,
But isn't it a shame.
He's forgotten Valentine's Day
And he's gone to the football game!
(114 characters)

Poles apart! Yes, poles apart! Yet you can make a go of it,
If you're prepared to compromise on all the high and low of it!
With both of you ambitious, you may be satisfied
With the kudos of your partnership as husband or as bride.
Aries loves making money saying 'Come on! Spend! Spend! Spend!';
But Capricorn, though wealthy, rather likes 'make do and mend'.
But, by cherishing possessions, both may learn to compromise
And ignore the irritations that are certain to arise.
Aries is so fiery; Capricorn more sedate,
But both of you think you’ve the right to rule and dominate!
Capricorn likes a settled life, while Aries likes to roam.
But this may work if one's away, and the other stays at home!
This practical arrangement sounds depressing, but it's not,
Because you two, when making love, certainly 'like it hot'.
You both are independent, and need never fear neglect,
Because you have the key to life, and that’s mutual respect.
There'll be arguments a'plenty, and patching-up as well,
But it’s very possible you will last. Why? It's hard to tell.
Maybe it's just convenient, this water mixed with wine;
Or maybe you'll learn to fall in love!
You could get-along just fine.


Kay L. Davies said...

Loved your microfiction poem, Brenda, and it's almost the truth at my house. My husband is refereeing basketball this afternoon and early evening, but doesn't believe in taking me out on Valentine's Day anyway because the restaurants are too crowded. So far, I think his plan is for lunch on Thursday. LOL

Pat said...

Re: Let-Down...I've not experienced that ever with my hubby, but I'd be very annoyed if it happened! Clever rhyming SY story, as always, Brenda.

Your "Compatability Check" reminded me of my husband and me...I'm the independent-love-to-travel, spontaneous, spendthrift one and he's the love-to-stay-at-home, cautious, frugal one.