Thursday, February 2, 2012

Leafing Life



How strange to be a leaf, growing greenly on a tree,
Knowing you are exactly where a green leaf ought to be;
This is the only life you've known, waving about on high;
Gazing down at the dark brown earth and up into the sky.
Surrounded by your fellows, living in harmony,
'This is the life' you murmur 'This is the life for me.'
Life keeps flowing through you, the surge of chlorophyll,
Until, one Autumn morning, you feel a curious chill.
You just feel 'under the weather'  and the other leaves look jaded,
Darker, thinner, crinkled and curiously faded.
Then, as you hang, considering, you feel a sudden jolt
And realisation hits you like a mighty thunder-bolt!
You're going to detach, right now, from dear old mother tree!
No wonder you're inwardly screaming 'What will become of me?'
You find you're drifting downward to a pile of leaves below
And you're railing against fate, declaring ' Mum! Don't let me go!'
You flutter a little, helplessly, but you soon you can be found
Wet and limp and colourless on a big pile on the ground.
How strange to be a leaf, growing greenly on a tree!
With nothing to do but quote a quote.......
'What is to be will be'.

The meaning of 'vellication'.

Be gentle when you tickle me! Don't make me shriek and squirm!
Don't make me writhe and gasp and plead like some unholy worm!
I may be laughing great big tears and appearing to enjoy,
But, believe me, boistrous tickling does nothing but annoy.
Though I may throw myself about it's not with ecstasy!
I'm trying to get away from you, so listen to my plea.
No, tickle me very gently, with a tickle feather-light.
Tickle with a touch that's very tentative and slight.
A finger on the nape of neck, or the  ankle or the wrist
Can have the same effect as being passionately kissed.
Practise vellication! You'll find it always works
Much better than rough tickling, with all it's physical jerks!
I write, of course, from memory, but I know that it's true.
Let someone that you care for practise vellication on YOU!


Sheilagh Lee said...

lovely and very whismical

Mojo Writin said...

Absolutely love the leaf piece! My favourite take on the three word prompt this week. Bravo!

Kathe W. said...

excellent duo! Especially about tickling- I hated it- sheer torture!