Saturday, February 25, 2012




There's nothing like a bargain
To make the bright eyes shine!
Whatever they have in their pretty pink bags,
I bet it's pretty fine.
I've had a peek, so I know what's there,
And I'll keep it in mind,
For one day soon I'll have a chance
Of being a bit unkind!
They'll waltz into a meeting
In a very cut-price dress,
And everyone will admire them;
They're certain to impress.
And Pam will say 'Oh, this little number
I bought in Gay Paree;
A handsome lover I had at the time
Said how well it suited me.'
And Bev will chime in 'Well, mine was made
By the Queen's couturier .
We became firm friends at the theatre,
When watching a famous play.'
Now I shall know they're untruthful,
But I won't call a cop.
I'll merely shout 'They got them
From the $22 Shop!'
I wrote this one almost exactly a year ago. And I still have my doubts!


I write as one who knows nothing;
Let's make that clear at the start.
I've woken to news from Egypt
That, at first, delights my heart.
The singing, the cheering, flag-waving,
Reveal such wild emotion,
But does anyone in that wild throng
Have even the slightest notion
As to how to run a country?
Will even they split into factions?
Will the jostling soon begin,
The actions and reactions?
'Love of Power' will raise its head again
In another different guise;
Religion or the Military!
Which one is on the rise?
'The Power of Love'...... an emotive phrase:
I prefer 'Goodwill'.
Let's hope Egypt can muddle-through
Once the clamour of joy falls still.

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Kay L. Davies said...

Yes, that's the trouble with revolutions, isn't it? Even ones hell-bent on peace and love. The problem is, for every human being on the planet, there's a different point of view. I don't know how many times I've said to my own husband, "How can you THINK such a thing?"