Monday, February 13, 2012

Curiouser and Curiouser

supplied this curious illustration!


Curiouser and curiouser! A fantasy indeed.
A fate that may befall us all if we do not take heed!
If I see a group of dark-skinned men when I am out today
I'll take a different route to town and get out of their way!
A little admiration wouldn't go amiss
But, at eighty-one, this experience is one I think I'll miss!
'Moderation in everything' is something I was taught.
I'd call this 'overdoing it' or something of the sort.
She must be a very selfish girl who hasn't learned to share!
And how did her hairdresser reach her to arrange that tumbling hair?
He must have trodden on several men, all naked and adoring!
Oh well, at least he cannot say that his profession's boring!
But what intrigues me most about this rather erotic scene
Is the modesty! Yes modesty! I'll tell you what I mean......
In days gone by the artists always covered 'the fiddly bits',
For nudity, in those days, caused people to have fits.
See below, a typical scene where the drapings fall just so,
And Cupid's quite frustrated because nothing is on show!

Yet here's a twenty-first century girl organising her body
So that there's nothing prurient, for that would be too shoddy.
Those dark-skinned arms are carefully placed so she is looking modest.
Of all odd pictures in the world surely this one is the oddest!


'The Greatest Love of All'
 Was the song I loved the most.
But even that love doesn't quite suffice.
Beauty, talent, money, fame can't save us from ourselves.
And Whitney Houston now has paid the price.


Brian Miller said...

ugh...the one on true...on saving us from ourselves...

Other Mary said...

Clever comments on the picture. I noticed the 'modesty' too. I wonder just how old the picture is. You certainly can't tell by the fashions!

Kay said...

love first, compassion second, we will all have our price to pay...i hope Whitney just fell and hit her head to prove that drugs and booze didn't do it.

I like the thought of the hairdresser tip-toeing through the naked bodies in your magpie. haha!!...

Mark Windham said...

absolutely love the commentary on the picture! How indeed did the hairdresser get to her? And such a selfish girl! Love it.

Kay L. Davies said...

You're so funny, Brenda. I noticed the fiddly bits were covered, too, and wondered why.
But there's nothing funny about poor Whitney. "I will always love you" keeps running through my head today. Like Kay in England, I also hope it wasn't drugs and booze, not because I am in favour of either of them, but because I wouldn't want her to die that way. It happens all too often.

Karen said...

Hope that hairdresser was careful where he stepped!

Natalie said...

perfect rhyming,
plus meaningful message sent.

Maude Lynn said...

On Whitney . . . so sad and true!

Doctor FTSE said...

Yes, well said. I found the picture both immodest and prurient.

Kathe W. said...

the image of the tippy toeing hairdresser is hilarious-and just why are all those body parts so carefully arranged?

Helen said...

One of my favorites this week!!

Unknown said...

I enjoyed reading your poem, I loved the rhyming scheme and I think your moral stance is like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for sharing this.

zongrik said...

so is this alice when she grows up?

haunting suppleness

Tigerbrite said...

True poems both. The first I love the rythme and rhyme.