Monday, February 6, 2012


(Not a real word but I like it!)

On display in a window, wrist-watches and planes.
Why not motor-cars or boats or bicycles or trains?
Let us try to fathom why they've chosen this display;
Are they saying 'Wear our watch and you'll be up and away.'?
Though millions of people fly each year and it's become a bore,
Planes are still not associated with the very poor.
The people who jet-set in private planes belong to the elite;
They're not the common or garden folk we see in our main Street.
Travellers with Rolexed wrists fly, first class, back and forth
Sometimes East and sometimes West and sometimes South or North.
They fly to exotic locations, or in search of business deals;
They wear the latest fashions and dine on oystered meals.
So is it all subliminal, this advertising ploy?
Are they saying 'With a watch from us, look what you can enjoy!'
Advertising is quite an art; we're influenced constantly.
(But I am scared of flying, so I'll be influence-free.)


The trouble with snow, I've always found,
Is not that it lies there on the ground,
'Crisp and even' and all that jazz,
With the sparkling whiteness that it has.
The trouble with snow is not its falling,
Nor the traffic when it's crawling,
Nor the flakes that fly and flurry
In one's face when one's in a hurry.
The trouble with snow is it doesn't last!
It melts and dribbles all too fast!
No longer crisp and clean and woolly
It melts, but never, never fully.
The trouble with snow, it turns to sludge
And then sits there refusing to budge.
It fades to yellow and then to brown
As people tread on it in the town.
The trouble with snow, it turns to rain,
And that can be an awful pain!
It slithers and slops with the melting snow!
(I remember all this from long ago!)
The trouble with snow is it's fickle way
Of turning from white to yellow then grey.
That's why, because of the way it goes,
I'm glad I live where it never snows!

We had a family get-together yesterday. This was to celebrate the four Summer Birthdays......Rebecca's, Michelle's, Brian's and mine. (Now that we have no pre-schoolers in the family, Greg is working full-time, and the children are more involved in weekend pursuits we're not seeing as much of each other as we used to.) Kitchen re-modellings were the main topic of conversation!  Max wore his school-uniform for a photograph, as it was too wet for photographs on the day he started school. He seems to have settled-in well.

Big School


Kay L. Davies said...

Max is getting to be a big boy, isn't he? I love his photo, Brenda.
You're so right about snow. You obviously remember it well. It looks so pretty for a little while (a very little while) and then it is awful.
I'm not afraid to fly, but I'm afraid to fly long distances because I have trouble sleeping on planes. The one and only time I went to Australia, I watched my kid brother sleep while I yawned and groaned beside him. Same thing on the way home. Now I get to listen to my husband snore while I twitch and fidget on long flights. I'd rather travel by ship (about which I'm re-posting today).

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

What a fun post! Re advertising, I tend to be oblivious. I barely digest blatant ads and subliminal stuff rarely works on me. Hubby Mark often comments that ads are completely wasted on me. :)

Unknown said...

Max IS a big boy, because I see him wearing bracelets!

Leah H. said...

Max is such a handsome boy:)Beautiful photos..

Visiting for MYM! Hope you can stop by:)

Jessica said...

beautiful pictures of yellow :-) the boy is so adorable :-) Visiting from MYM :-), hope that you can return the visit too.