Monday, February 20, 2012

Thank Goodness


asks us to use the words in blue


I hardly ever dream. My nights are simply black;
A panoply of nothing until the day comes back.
I sometimes feel deprived, but, on the other hand,
Nights that are filled with nightmares I simply could not stand!
I know, for friends have told me, that dreams can be bizarre,
With shadowy ghosts  and running sores and many a livid scar.
They say that they feel restless, but tethered down with straps
Weird creatures hiss and whistle, muttering groans, perhaps.
Landscapes scorched and barren are the background to their dreams,
And smudgy alien creatures whisper of ghastly schemes.
The horror of the nightmare seeps into the following day;
Unease still seems to haunt them and they cannot get away.
Nightmares are unknown to me; when I'm nestled in my bed
I balance between day and night not feeling any dread.
My life lacks a dimension, that I must admit,
But, when I hear tales of nightmares, I'm very glad of it!


In one thousand and eleven a seer had a vision
Which was received by everyone with laughter and derision.
For he declared 'In a thousand years men will have wings and fly;
They'll circle the earth in giant ships that will zoom across the sky!
Messages will fly through Space as quickly as a thought,
And moving pictures will appear of people playing sport!
All knowledge will be accessed by the pressing of a key,
And babies will be born without any clear paternity!'.......
He would have continued longer but they  burned him at the stake
For talking utter rubbish! That was a big mistake.
In two thousand and eleven a seer had a vision.........
(They tell me the seer also announced, before he dropped his clogs,
'Old ladies will get hours of fun by writing things called Blogs'.)


Just a few family snaps today, mostly for Mike, in England.

Greg introducing a neighbour to his new (second-hand) Subaru.

Greg's half-renovated kitchen.

Harry with a spring in his step.

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mike ansell said...

Thanks so much for posting these photos for us all to see, Brenda.
Greg certainly looks proud of his new acquisition, and it looks a real mean machine !
The kitchen improvements certainly look like a major job.
Best wishes,