Friday, February 10, 2012

Magical Minds



We consider ourselves superior to all the creatures on earth.
We consider that our big brains mean we're of greater worth.
Yet not one bird flying in the sky is in need of a GPS.
And we're outdone by the simple bee in communal cleverness.
No animal has fouled the air or built monstrosities 
Or polluted rivers or dealt in drugs or cut down Amazon trees.
Their minds are mysteries to us; if we could have their view
There's no end to the wondrous feats homo sapiens could do.


Will someone please explain to me why, with all good intentions,
A country eases out of debt by cutting welfare and pensions?
By making citizens so poor they cannot create wealth
And causing life to deteriorate in schooling and in health?
'Cutting-back' means going backwards, making all things worse!
Surely it puts economies more steadily in reverse.
I'm just an elderly citizen and I am only guessing,
But I find the world of finances unutterably depressing.
Sadly, The Great Depression was only eased by war.
Maybe that's the 'solution'.
 Maybe that's what we're heading for.

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Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, I hope you're wrong about the war part, Brenda, although you're bang-on about the rest. If we could talk with the animals, we could learn a lot.
Our prime minister is giving tax breaks to the rich but is threatening to make working and unemployed Canadians wait an extra two years for their Old Age pensions. If there are people in this country who voted for him because they like these ideas, they haven't made themselves known to me.