Saturday, February 4, 2012





Serendipity works.
 Here's proof.
I didn't notice the little pink roof.
I was aiming in the direction
Of a statue and a reflection.
I wanted to match the wall, that's rough,
With all the green and growing stuff.
I wanted water and glass together;
I wanted to capture summery weather.
But there it is, a roof that's pink!
It looks exactly right, I think.


Ned took Nan to the doctor and sat in the waiting-room.
After an hour the doctor emerged, with an awful air of gloom.
'Whatever's the matter, doctor?' said a very worried Ned,
And the doctor spoke with solemnity, slowly shaking his head.
He said 'I'm sorry to tell you I don't like the way Nan looks.'
'Well, neither do I' responded Ned 'But you should see the way she cooks!'

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