Monday, February 13, 2012

Interview Technique

The Wordle

asks us to use the words in blue


As a Confidential Agent I have become aware
That visions blur whenever there is something to declare.
Weeping victims sob and cry throughout an interview;
A sort of mental fog descends and there's little I can do.
A business may have been ransacked and trade ruined, all hope gone,
Only a sticker saying 'Closed' for the customers to look upon.
I try to charm the victims to get a  little sense,
But, really, I long to belt them because they seem so dense.
People get so emotional when all they have is lost.
Let's get the paper-work over, then they can count the cost!


Oh! How I needed this book when I was grassy green!
A frog is better than nothing when you fancy being a Queen!
At least a frog could prove that you really had what it took!
But, oh, it would have been helpful to have owned this little book!
No-one minds kissing lots of frogs if a Prince is on his way,
But kissing frogs and frogs and frogs , day after day after day........
Not that I was promiscuous! But I was out to prove
That my still-blossoming sex-appeal was really in the groove!
('The groove!' Oh dear, a by-gone phrase is giving the game away.
Yes, as I hear the witty declare, 'She wasn't born yesterday!')
How awful if not even 'frogs' asked one to purse ones lips!
To be rejected by a frog would mean one had had ones chips!
Nobody turned into a 'Prince', though I tried time and again.
Luckily, between 'Prince' and 'Frog' one can find some very nice men!


Janet Martin said...

Oh, I can always count on an ear-to-ear grin when I visit you. Another well-wordled response. thank-you!

Mr. Walker said...

I like the cynicism of the speaker of Interview Technique. I like the distance between "charm" and "belt".


Kat said...

Luckily, between 'Prince' and 'Frog' one can find some very nice men Solace... for a man reading this..!!!!