Sunday, February 12, 2012


gave us a choice of photos

(It's not a word, but I like it)

I've a sneaking admiration for cats,
Though pets, I fear, are really not my thing.
Cats stretch themselves, with indolence, on mats,
And do gyrations with a piece of string.
They don't care if their actions are approved;
They're indifferent to our feelings and desires;
For all they ask is others to be moved
So they can stretch out closer to our fires.
They purr, of course, but only as a ruse
To make us feel we're wanted when we're not.
They seek our laps, but only when they choose,
On cold nights, to be somewhere nice and hot.
Dogs are so needy, desperate for our love,
So bouncy, so affectionate, so there.
Themselves is what the cats are thinking of;
That's why they haven't any love to share.
 I like cats for their honesty, I do.
What you see is what you get and that's O.K.
A dog may be the ideal pet for you,
But give me a selfish feline any day.


Very nearly time to go;
The lengthening  shadows tell us so.
Womens' gossip, baby-lore,
What has gone and what's in store.
Recipes and chitter-chatter;
How to stop from getting fatter.
In-law problems! Sleepless nights!
How to put the world to rights!
Gardening tips and recipes,
Book suggestions. Mysteries?
Character assassinations!
Husbands' terrible relations!
We could talk all night, although
The lengthening shadows bid us go!


Maude Lynn said...

Mothers' Meeting made me laugh out loud!

Scarlet said...

To each his own furry friend, I guess.

And I like that meeting...I missed having one here in Canada~

Happy weekend ~

Fireblossom said...

I don't care what you say. Stripey loves me! ;-)

Kay L. Davies said...

Felinity ought to be a word, Brenda. Wait a minute, my computer agrees with me, it didn't underline felinity in red. Ho ho, it IS a word, according to my online dictionary. I wonder if it is in the OED.
Too bad, though, it would have been nice if you had invented it, because it is a lovely word.
(I actually had one cat who really cared about people. All the others were as you described.)

hedgewitch said...

I think cat people and dog people may be more different than actual cats and dogs. ;_)

Jo said...

I LOVE your poem on cats, Brenda! With three in our house (recently moved at great expense from Kenya to Tanzania) you have described our felines to a T. I always heard that dogs have masters (and I love dogs, have three back home in SA, along with four more cats, lol!)I love dogs (we have three back in South Africa along with four elderly cats) but I love the saying: Dogs have masters, cats have staff. Hope you're having a great weekend. Jo

TALON said...

I loved your feline poem. Stripey would be completely honored (and I know he agrees about purr ruses and caring little if his actions are approved).

Your Mothers' Meeting poem was brilliant. I've sat with these women :)

Denise Moncrief said...

I love that word, felinity! This description of a cat's persnickety ways is spot on! Enjoyed this very much.

Mary said...

Well penned. I don't know that I agree with Hedgewitch's comment about cat people and dog people though; as I know some friends have BOTH. I am basically a dog person, and I think a dog is 'what you see is what you get' too. At least my dogs are. No pretense!

Margaret said...

It is funny, but I have known horses that like dogs, and not cats. And horses that have liked cats and not dogs. And I adore your second poems... sounds like you've attended a few "meetings" yourself. :)