Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Flies of Fancy


Some people see two flies and see two flies!
Some people see two flies and fantasize!
A flight of fancy! Just a bit of fun!.
Two flies on the Riviera in the sun!


    "I told you Maudie Randall was a scream!
I asked you round to meet her for yourself.
She acts just like the cat that's got the cream,
But it's certain that she'll end up on the shelf!
I told you that she wears the oddest clothes!
That tippet is so out-of-date my dear!
Can you see that little pimple on her nose?
They say her father is an engineer!
Yes! 'In trade'. 'New money'! Think of that!
I felt some pity when I met her first.
But, Ruby, just look how she wears her hat!
And she drinks her tea as though she has a thirst!
(Don't giggle in your cup! It isn't nice.
Though I can scarcely stop a little smirk!)
I've met her awful parents once or twice;
It must be dreadful when one has to work.
She never had a Nanny, so they say!
Now that's a really horrible admission!
It isn't too surprising that today
She looks in such a lower-class condition!
I only asked her round so you could see
How there are people different from us two.
I'll never ask her here again for tea!
I'll never even say a 'How'd'ye do!'
But I thought that we could have a bit of fun,
 Drawing her out and laughing in our tea.
After all, dear Ruby, when all's said and done,
Not everyone can be like you and me."


jabblog said...

Hee hee - loved them both and there's still a lot of truth in your second. Don't we all love - just occasionally - to feel superior? And then we can be munificent (just waiting for the day - long time coming!!)

Roger Owen Green said...

Yes, I can be a snob, I suppose...
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Kim, USA said...

Oh my such a beautiful take on this week challenge. ^_^

Letter F

Leslie: said...

LOVE the 2 flies sunning on the beach! lol And unfortunately, there still are those who are like "you and me." Have a fun week,

abcw team

Kat said...

You did make our fantasy - 'fly'
Beautiful poem.

Berowne said...

I'm always impressed by your technical skill in poesie...

photowannabe said...

How proper and superior we sometimes feel. Great poem and the flies are so funny.

The Poet said...

Those flies kind of freak me out!
Loved the snobbery of the second one.
Thanks for sharing.

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