Monday, February 20, 2012


gave us the first line


A fellow who had a degree
Said 'No-one is smarter than me!'
Then he fell off his perch,
And was left in the lurch,
When he couldn't spell 'Fiddle-dee-dee.'


Human-beings can't resist the urge to re-create.
Toward the oddly quirky they feel bound to gravitate.
No doubt this tea-bag timer is a practical device,
For a tea-bag treated casually just isn't very nice!
Since time immemorial we have found that tastes in dunking vary
And a tea-bag under or over dunked can make us feel contrary.
To be able to time to the second the amount of dunking time
Makes this a wonderful idea, verging on the sublime.
But....... why should it be a penguin, and in a top hat too?
A simple unadorned device could what he can do.
It all began with knitted cosies to cover pots of tea;
Someone thought a house design would fit delightfully.
Since then, the world's gone crazy for all sorts of hairbrained schemes;
Everything is something else! At least, that's how it seems!
Look around your kitchen and you'll get a surprise!
What's the betting something there is wearing a disguise?

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