Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shock! Horror!

supplied the illustration for this VERY short story


Who's that creature coming in the door?
Never seen a thing like that before!
Is it a monster, do you think?
Unbelievable! Its nose is PINK!!
(140 characters)


I do admire lateral thinking!
Thinking 'outside the box'!
Giving the unsuspecting
Giggles and, maybe, shocks!
Skin, as we know, gets blotchy,
There are pimples and polka-dots!
But stripes are something novel;
More original than spots!
This cover really intrigues me!
The girl is in dire straits.
And, clearly, the situation
Is something that she hates!
There must be an element of magic.
Does it involve the cup?
She looks dubious about the contents;
But will she drink it up?
The book must be written for children;
Adults are such a bore;
But any childish reader
Must wonder what's in store.
A design that's so intriguing
Has passed the book-cover test;
We long to take a peep inside.
Does the story pass the test?

1 comment:

Grandma's Goulash said...

In a world of red and black noses, a pink one would surely seem abnormal. Very clever.