Monday, February 20, 2012

Murder By Gadget

In an iPhone Factory

From Get-Up
"Working conditions are terrible for the people who make, by hand, each and every gadget Apple sells. In extreme cases, people are literally dying while doing their jobs. Reporters have documented cases of deadly explosions at iPad factories, and instances of workers dying of exhaustion after working thirty-plus hour shifts."


Oh what fun! An iPad!
It's like a grown-up toy!
Modern life's enhanced by it;
It brings us so much joy.
All the little apps on it
Do clever little things
And I can tell who's calling me
By the clever way it rings!
Technology is wonderful;
I'm glad that I'm alive
In an era which, almost each day,
New gadget-things arrive!
But look into it more deeply
And you will realise,
That your cutesy little iPad
Is a weapon in disguise!
Read the words from Get-Up
And then learn more and more
Of the terrible conditions
That put it in the store!
In Dickens day the tiny boys
 By chimney-sweeps were put
Into the dirty chimneys
To clear away the soot.
They died or they were stunted
Back then in 'the bad old days',
But look at that dinky iPad........
We haven't changed our ways!
Please, please contact Apple
And give your point of view!
Who is responsible, my friends?
I'm afraid it's me and you!
Get-Up is an Australian organisation dedicated to giving a voice to the ordinary man.
Learn more.


Helen said...

I have been reading more and more about the horrific working conditions these folks are forced to endure. Thank you for bringing this to the blogging community.

Kat said...

Times have changed..
but from Chimney days,
Things haven't changed.
An eye opener..!!!

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

So true and well said!

Margaret Gosden said...

Right on Brenda! I do love it when you zero in on a truth about something we all take for granted -although I thought that once the thing had been invented machines took over, but, evidently not. (I have a Baxter print of the chimney sweep which I was looking at just the other day...). I may post the 'Getup' website link to the top of my header, along with my link to OSW, which informs on a continuous basis the truth behind the facade of living today. While I am on a rant, I do resent the new verification process we have to go through to publish and urge commenters to go to their gears and eliminate the this new so-called security measure! Thank you!