Sunday, February 5, 2012


asks us to use the words from John Koethe's poem   'In The Park'

'This is the life I wanted and I could never see.......'


'Have you had the life you wanted?'
What if I were asked that question?
I would have to indulge myself
In a bout of introspection.
I could never see myself
As 'average', as a child;
It was never my ambition
To be pliant, meek and mild.
I was going to set the world on fire,
With 'something', that I knew;
There would be something remarkable
About the things I'd do.
I'd act or write, to perfection;
I'd marry a man with wealth;
I'd have the perfect family-life
And  trouble-free good health.
This was on my good days!
My bad days? Well, I fear
I saw myself as a failure;
I shed many a scalding tear.
So I was a typical teenager
(Though they hadn't been invented)
Up one day and down the next
And never, never contented.
This is the last phase of my life;
I can't ignore the clock;
And I know now is the perfect time
For the ultimate 'taking-stock'.
Has life been all that I hoped for?
Absolutely not!
Has it been an abject failure?
No, it's almost hit the spot!
Not enough to satisfy me;
I still feel some regret.
I'm silly enough to have ambitions
Burning in me yet!
Everything's been on a small scale,
Unimportant and obscure;
But it hasn't been disastrous,
Of that you may be sure.
I shall sink without a trace,
Utterly forgotten,
But, looking back, I realise
It could have been quite rotten.
'Serene' is a word that's often applied
To people of great age.
Sadly, I'm not serene at all!
Let's see what's on the next page!



Give yourselves a pat on the back!. You've really won the prize;
A partnership that's minus lows but very plus on highs.
Sagittarius, you love to laugh; the sense of humour's brilliant.
And Aries, you like having fun and you’re physically resilient.
You're both intelligent, and enjoy a witty conversation,
Though Aries brings the ego into every situation!
Separate hobbies? Go for them! You’ll give each other space,
And both of you desire, at times, a solitary place.
You’ll both come back renewed and keen to share the things you’ve done,
Reporting on your antics with your well-known sense of fun.
Sagittarius speaks its mind, and can often be quite blunt,
But you both like an adventure, and you’re both keen on a stunt.
In the bedroom? Well, less perfect; Sagittarius is luke-warm,
But Aries learns to cope with this by whipping-up a storm!
The great thing is your partnership. You’ll be treated as a pair.
You’ll be in demand at parties! You'll be seen just everywhere!
'We must invite the So-and-Sos' is heard on every lip.
But you may not be available
If you’re off on another trip!

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