Thursday, February 9, 2012


               Diana Karelle



Tammy-Lea at Preschool
Is always poking fun...
'You haven't got Daddy,
And you're the only one!
My Daddy comes on picnics
And often takes me out.
I've got a lovely Daddy
But you have to do without!'
So I say to Tammy
'You're just being mean!
My Daddy is the bestest
That anyone's ever seen!
He's the tallest Daddy
That I have ever met.
And I know he's mine because he says
That I'm his little pet!'
Tammy-Lea at Preschool
Pokes out her tongue at me....
'How come this lovely Daddy
Is someone we can't see?
You're always with your Mummy!
And your little brother Joe!
There isn't any Daddy!
I know! I know! I know!'
Today my lovely Daddy
Came marching home from war.
And he was the tallest Daddy
That anyone ever saw!
He lifted me high up in the air
And said I was his pet!
I was as proud as any
Little Preschool girl can get!
There was a lot of kissing
And there was a lot of talk.
And now my lovely Daddy and me
Are going for a walk.
I want everyone from school
To notice Dad and me!
And if we meet with Tammy
I shall shout out


If everyone owes to everyone else where's the money coming from?
I feel the world economy is like a ticking bomb!
The little bit I have in the bank may suddenly disappear!
Maybe it's only a mirage! That's a definite fear.
The money seems to go round and round like some mad carousel
And  who owes what to whom and when is very hard to tell.
China seems to have all the money, but if we all go bust,
Who will China be selling to? Somebody knows, I trust.
China's wealth depends on us being rich enough to buy!
So everybody's security is really pie in the sky.
Australia's growing pretty fat on all the mineral sales,
But what will we be selling if our Chinese customer fails?
I'm happy to admit that I am ignorant as can be.
I'm really quite retarded, at least financially,
But I have the nasty feeling that there's nothing there at all;
That we're juggling with a great big red, but nebulous, rubber ball!
Coins are rather comforting, the pennies and the cents;
They're only bit-players in the game but at least they make some sense.
One can stroke them lovingly, and weigh them in one's hand.
Oh lovely little money! You, I can understand!

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Ruchi Jain said...

It is superb...:)
liked it..