Saturday, February 11, 2012

Big-Ears and Noddy



Here's Noddy in his hat of blue,
And here you can see Big Ears too.
Big-Ears and Noddy were great friends.
Enid Blyton's tale depends
On their spending time together.
But someone started wondering whether
They were gay! Such idle chatter!
And, anyway, why should it matter?
But rumours perpetuate themselves
And the books were taken off the shelves!
Look for problems and you will find them;
Often there's nothing at all behind them.
In any case, I think it's shoddy
To gossip about dear little Noddy!

(A Poem for Children)

They're lost in the jungle and getting in a flap!
Isn't it lucky that Daddy's got a map!
Little Billy Bunny says 'I hear a thunder clap!
Isn't it lucky that Daddy's got a map!'
Leonardo Lizard says 'I think this is a trap!
Isn't it lucky that Daddy's got a map!'
Katarina Kitty says 'A monster's teeth might snap!
Isn't it lucky that Daddy's got a map!'
But Daddy's got a problem...........................
 'What a terrible mishap!
I mustn't let the children know
 I can't read a map!'
What a great time we had yesterday! The Merry Mellows, our melodrama group, are putting on a new play in March. This is a spoof on the Soapie genre and the show's called 'Rags to Riches'. The daughter of one of our members, Joy,  is an adept photographer and so we had some publicity photos taken. Ros, another member, has a spacious home complete with 'Gone With the Wind' staircase, so we had photos taken there. Errol, Ros's husband, even let us drape ourselves all over his shiny black Jaguar! Here is a selection of shots.
Meredith, the photographer
Fit for a Jaguar show-room
Sexy pose

Landed Gentry

And poor Loretta,who came on crutches to read and prompt.

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