Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lot's Wife Revisited

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Do you recall the wife of Lot?
If you've read the Bible you know the plot.
How her God at last said 'Halt!'
And she became a pillar of salt?
(Excuse my blatant simplification;
Details would have caused complication!)
Well, see above the modern karma,
Revealing a similar sort of drama.
Teddy bears who're misbehaving,
Giving-in to every craving,
Are fated with an end more drastic!
All turned to pillars of coloured plastic!


Dear kind and friendly Bloggers, please listen to my plight!
I suffer from terrible catarrh, morning noon and night!
You must have heard me snuffling and snoring all the time.
The squashing of my poor old nose is tantamount to crime.
Can you believe my ancestors were wolves, both wild and free?
That's almost unbelievable when you take a look at me!
I know my name is Churchill, to remind folk of the fact
That Winston was a 'bulldog' until Hitler's power was cracked.
But I don't look heroic, with short legs and splayed-out toes;
And then, of course, there's the little matter of my poor old squashy nose.
'The squashier the better!' the breeders always cry;
'The nose becomes more squashy; the value grows more high.'
But breathing is an effort, even more now I am old;
It's rather like a human having an ever-present cold!
Dogs are such faithful creatures! But look at this malformed face.
He isn't 'best in breed' at all; he's just a very sad case.


S.E.Ingraham said...

love both of these Rinkly - who could help falling for that puppy? Nice take on the gummy-bears prompt, using Lot's wife ...

Kat said...

LOT'S WIFE REVISITED!: Details would have caused complication! Am sure you had a broad grin, when you penned that..!!!

The SALT these younger generations know, could be the one where Angelina Jolie acted..!!!!

A Sad Case: Grrrrrowl.... beauty is in eye of the beholder.... - Wise men have so barked, in those days.

becca givens said...

Quite an enjoyable duo ... well done!

JANU said...

Nice and nice.

CC Champagne said...

The bulldog one made me cry (am a sucker for dogs and have previously had both a boxer and a boston terrier in my life) and I think your take on the Midnight Snack prompt was spot on! Always lovely reading your work!