Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is This it?



Love! So elusive!
The feeling not the finding.
Do I or don't I?


Say the word 'isolation' and picture a desert isle
Where you might go and vegetate in freedom for a while.
Say the word 'isolation' and picture an astronaut
Surrounded by stars and planets and equipment of every sort.
Then say the word 'isolation' and picture something demeaning.
Imagine a life restricted and devoid of personal meaning.
Maybe there are 'isolates' who enjoy their high-rise living;
Maybe they spurn the life 'downstairs', and find it unforgiving.
But what of Charlie, the pensioner, with a family that's scattered;
Everything being in the past, everything that's mattered?
He says 'I don't go out much. It's too far to the lift;
So I stay here in my own four walls. Don't think I'll ever shift.'
And what of Melanie, the girl who fancied city life;
Who thought she'd find her Mr Right and become a happy wife?
She says 'I'm over thirty now; I haven't any friends;
It's nothing but work and travel and here's where each day ends.'
And what of Kylie, the Mother, who once was bright and young,
With no-one to talk to but toddlers, all of them highly-strung?
She's three little ones to care-for and she lives on the fifteenth floor.
No wonder she sometimes asks herself 'What on earth is it all for?
I can take the kids to the playground, but to get there is a pain,
And no sooner are we all downstairs than we're toiling up again.
I must wrap them in their winter clothes, and they squabble and they fight;
I can't be bothered about myself; I always look a sight.
The pram, with little Sunday in it is difficult to budge,
Sometimes there's no room in the lift; it's very hard to judge.
It's all too tough! If we don't go out the kids just scrap and bawl!
Then there's the shopping. Bloody Hell! I'm going up the wall!'
That, my friends, is 'isolation'; there's nothing 'splendid' about it!
Many , many people say
'I'd love to live without it.'


carol l mckenna said...

'Love' haiku is very appropriate ~ post on isolation so true ~ enjoy the week ~ namaste, carol ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

Chèvrefeuille said...

Nicely done.

Tara Tyler said...

true love is magical and lasting, hard to know at first glance!
nice haiku!

zongrik said...

mothers really can go nuts with problems

four love senryu

becca givens said...

Is this the one or not? Hmmm -- hopefully it is more evident if it is!! Nicely done ~~

Ria said...

Great haiku!

And I always think it seems lonely and impersonal in those high rises in the city

Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

Well said, and well done. Love and isolation sometimes do go hand in hand.