Wednesday, February 22, 2012


asks us to try a Trolaan!

Not easy! The repetitive nature of the form is obvious from the colouration


Trolaan! There's something new to try,
Tempting me today
To write a poem, me oh my,
This very special way.

Repeating letters? Cogitate.
Rules must be adhered to.
Results may not be all that great
Reactions? Pretty weird, too!

Every time I see a meme
Even if it's night
Excitement grips me from the theme,
Encouraging me to write.

Various poetic forms
Vie for my attention;
Very homely are the norms
Vastly too dull to mention.
And if I had another verse
( A thing I'm not allowed)
Acclamation of my Trolaan
At last would make me proud!


Janine had been out with her friends
Creeping home in the dark of the night.
She tiptoed upstairs to her room
And there got a terrible fright!
Her husband was snoozing away;
She could see his two feet sticking out.
But two other feet showed themselves ;
The feet of a lady, no doubt!
While Janine had been out with her friends,
The lady now slumbering there
Had crept up the stairs to her bed!
She'd uncovered a flagrant affair!
A baseball bat lay close at hand;
A weapon that now could be used.
She whacked and she whacked and she whacked
She bludgeoned the sleeping accused.
Exhausted she staggered away;
In the spare-room she hoped for some rest.
She heard howls from the couple she'd beaten;
A retreat seemed to be for the best.
Imagine her shock and surprise
When she reached out and switched on the light.
Her husband said 'Your Mum and Dad
Are staying with us for the night'!

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