Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Well I Never!



When we went to Hornsby we saw it standing there,
The oddest sort of fountain in the middle of the square!
It looked made from bits and pieces, but it was a working clock!
I must say that the sight of it gave me quite a shock.
It seems it's been there donkey's years and the folk don't turn a hair.
They're really quite devoted to their monster in the square!
The water tinkled pleasantly on a rather humid day,
So I decided I would let the monster fountain stay.


Alf went to some stables, eager to buy a horse
Saying 'I want a specimen without a flaw, of course.'
'That one looks good' said Alf at last, pointing to a grey.
The trader, Bob, responded 'Well, there's something I must say....
That horse, Charlie, well, you know, I'd sell him if I could,
But I have to be honest, that horse don't look too good.'
Said Alf  'Well, he looks good to me! Just look at that shiny mane!'
'No, he just don't look too good,' Bob responded again.
'I've looked him over from top to toe and he looks good to me.
He's just what I've been looking for, as far as I can see.'
So Alf took the grey horse home with him and saddled it for a ride.
As soon as he was on it it swayed from side to side!
Then it bumped into a wall, and then into a shed,
Then it tripped and Alf went sailing right over the horse's head!
Next day he took the grey horse back saying 'Look here! I find
That the horse you sold me yesterday is absolutely blind!'
Said Bob 'I made it perfectly clear that Charlie couldn't see!
I told you he don't look too good but you wouldn't listen to me!'

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Kat said...

Smart of someone to recycle materials to make a working fountainy clock..!!!!

A horse-lesson: Very important to read between the lines, before buying.