Sunday, February 26, 2012


                                        Brenda Bryant



They urged me to be delicate, for that befits the rose.
Roses are quaint and lady-like, as everybody knows.
They hoped I'd have some pallor to reflect a lady's cheek,
The faintest rosy blush of pink was all they seemed to seek.
'We want you to be pretty and feminine and gentle.
We want you to evoke the thoughts that are sweetly sentimental.'
But when I blossomed I observed blue sky and golden sun!
Everything was gaudy! I wanted to have fun!
'Bring me Nature's paint-pot!' I shouted out with glee.
'Paint me scarlet, touched with gold! I want everyone to see
That I'm no prissy little flower, hiding behind a fan!
I'm an extrovert at heart, not some also-ran!'
So here I am, splendiferous! I'm taking my rightful place
Among the sunflowers of the world with a smile on my painted face!


The city of Perth in Australia is the world's remotest city.
And, as it's well-worth visiting, that fact is rather a pity.
It's the only city to be seen from Space in absolute isolation;
All the others merge their lights and become one destination,
But the lights of Perth, in a sea of black, shine out like a star,
Because all other cities are away so very far.
This is the great Swan River, flowing on into the sea.
And there we stopped to meet a friend and share a cup of tea.


Modern Mom said...

They're gorgeous!

Red Sponges

Margaret Gosden said...

What a great photo, my friend! Quite befitting the
exuberance it inspired!