Wednesday, February 8, 2012


This is a glamorous picture;
How cleverly she cries!
How evenly the tear-drops fall
From sadly weeping eyes!
Dacryops is her problem
But she doesn't really care
Because her tear-drops look so sweet,
Simply hanging there.
I have the self-same problem,
When winter winds blow chill;
I start blinking madly
And my eyes with tear-drops fill.
Yes, Watery Eyes is the meaning;
It's not glamorous at all,
Particularly when the tears well up
And then they start to fall.
I have walked into the wind
With tears running down my face
And dripping off my chin as well;
They really look out of place.
Sometimes the wind will grab a tear 
And whip it away from me;
It will fly off like a rain-drop,
No doubt happy to be free!
I'm happy when warmer weather comes
And my little problem stops.
It looks so very elderly,
To suffer from Dacryops.


The Yarra isn't bountiful, the Yarra isn't wide;
It's really quite industrial, with buildings on each side,
But, as it flows through Melbourne, it allows a breathing space,
A quiet little corner, a pleasant slower pace.
It's here the rowers come each day, all feathering their oars,
Sometimes in crews quite numerous, and, sometimes, only fours.
The river's lined with boat-sheds, attractive buildings too,
Each of them assigned, it seems, to one particular crew.
The Yarra isn't bountiful, the Yarra isn't large,
But it is very pleasant to sit there and re-charge.
The citizens of Melbourne are happy and give thanks
Because the Yarra River has such very pleasant banks.


Laura Bloomsbury said...

A delicious word for the tears that flow in dotage. Delightful rhymes - ditty is a good d word but too trivial for your way with words

Jane Hards Photography said...

Blogging is very educational and fun along the way. Always makes me smile dropping by.

Roger Owen Green said...

It's a real tearjerker of a post!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Melanie said...

Very creative choice for the letter D! Great job on capturing the teardrops!

Joy said...

You need a pair of glasses to protect when "winds blow chill", or you could wear shades and pretend its summer:-) Great word, dacryops.
Joy, ABC Team