Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Witch's Computer


Since thou look'st at me askance
And leads thy Witch a merry dance
I'll now prepare an incantation,
Suited to this situation.
May thy keyboard jam and stick!
May thy mouse refuse to click!
May thy cursor be accursed
May thy arrows be reversed!
May thy screen be smeared with goo
May thy pictures be askew!
May thy microphone fall dumb!
May thy thingammyjig succumb!
Then..... when I see the state thou'rt in,
I shall cast thee in the bin!



Cold hands outside the covers on a bitter winter's night:
A pale pink coat with a little matching hat:
Mummy's lovely meat-cakes, how I longed to take a bite:
Playing with my dollies down there on the mat:
Looking for my Auntie who was coming on the bus:
Running with my cousins by the sea:
Donkey-rides down on the sand; what a thrill for us;
Celery and cheese I loved for tea:
Dancing in a concert with a little parasol:
Having to wear glasses at age four:
Gretchen, with the plaits; she was my very favourite doll:
Getting my arms 'mangled'; that was sore:
Big sister with a scrap-book of famous movie-stars:
And that's thirteen! I could go on and on!
A long, long time ago (hardly any motor cars!)
Such happy memories to look back upon!


Anonymous said...

I LOVED your Carmen! And the picture of the computer is simply inspired! A curious fact is that I just prepared my '9 September: DId you know?'-piece (daily post I do) and 9 September 1947 is said to be the very first instance a computer bug was ever reported! *smile* So this probably made me appreciate your spell even more! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Both of these are wonderful. Love the spell on th computer, but like the memories best. It's hard to beat childhood memories. I write about them often.
This is my entry this week, but I'm adding one that I posted elsewhwere that I think you will enjoy.
this entry:
A childhood memory: