Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Great Inventor

                                       Margaret Gosden



The sky invented geometry,
That is plain to see.
Angles and dissections,
Perfect geometry.
Some lines may be man-made,
Hanging there on high,
But the canvas shows the blue and gold
Of an English summer sky.
 This photograph was taken by Margaret when she first arrived in the U.K. from New York. Enjoy your holiday, Margaret.



It blows with a great big 'Oomph!' that startles all who hear it!
And its plume of water drenches anyone who may get near it.
The Blow Hole at Kiama is quite a tourist draw,
And when we were on the South Coast it was something that we saw.
The Aboriginal people knew about it from the start.
Though the Europeans 'discovered' it and thought themselves so smart.
In 1797 George Bass, of Bass Strait fame,
Made a note of the Blow Hole and registered its name.
Charles Jackson made a crossing, in 1889,
On a tightrope! And the Tourists thought this was pretty fine.
Since then it's been a focal point for visitors' satisfaction.
And still the great resounding 'Oomph!' is the Blow Hole's great attraction.

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