Monday, September 5, 2011

Red Shock!



We've all had the experience, when the weather's dry,
Of reaching to  touch an object and then jumping up sky high!
An electric shock has zapped us! But that shouldn't cause a flurry.
Although it gives us quite a start, we really shouldn't worry.
 The little girl in the shot above is really having fun.
Her red hair's standing up on end! She doesn't even run!
Everything's made from atoms including you and me
And inside are protons and neutrons held together electrically.
Positive and negative attract and all is well
Everything is steady, everything seems to gel
Until an imbalance happens! Then we notice with alarm
That some electricity escapes.... not enough to do us harm.
Electricity escaping is the cause of the wayward hair!
But there's only enough to tickle her so she doesn't really care!
Static electricity isn't really still, it moves!
As hair that's standing up on end very surely proves.
(An Acrostic)

We use this term if anything is weakened and diluted;
As though the stronger version should be softened-up and muted.
They say examinations are watered-down these days.
Everything is dumbed-down in so many little ways.
References are cut-out in many a press account;
Editors fear law-suits so they cut a large amount.
Does it matter if we're censored?  Do we need to be protected?
Do people really want their news utterly dissected?
Or would they rather know it all and take it on the chin?
Watering-down results in mixtures that are pale and thin!
Not for us! We want our wine at its full strength for sure!
'Sock it to us!' So we say!
We're tough! We will endure!

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