Tuesday, September 20, 2011




Quick as a flash and twice as yummy,
Begging to be put in your tummy!
Even non-cooks can excel at these
Knowing they'll always be sure to please.
Only a fork and a tray or slide
Needed to make this source of pride.
Nothing mechanical or too obscure
And yet the result will be great for sure.
Even an utter non-cook (like me) 
Can whip them up in time for tea!

First there's the greased oven-tray to fix.
Then flour and salt you must sift and mix,
Rub the butter in till it looks like crumbs,
(An expression used by lots of Mums!)
Into milk pour the egg, well-beaten.
(Not long now till the buns are eaten!)
Mix the lot! Squash up as dough
Then on to a floured board they go
As twelve little balls, hollow in the centre
For a spoonful of raspberry jam to enter.
Now seal them with the jam inside
( What a clever place for jam to hide!)
Glaze with milk then finally bake.
How easy is that for goodness sake!
In fifteen minutes you'll see them done
Then you can enjoy your own Razzybun.

2 cups self-raising flour.   60g butter.  ¼ cup of sugar.  1 egg.  4 tablespoons milk.  a little raspberry jam. 
Bake at 220 degrees



Imagine a speech-bubble emanating
From the girl on the right who's gesticulating!
Imagination must fill the gaps.
She's advertising her wares, perhaps.
'Lovely apples, mild and mellow!
Three for the price of two! Bright yellow!'
But maybe she has been misconstrued
And she's really shouting something rude.
'Bloody bastard!' (Her words not mine!)
'You won't get away with it, you swine!'
On the other hand, if her friend, Mary,
Just passed by having left the dairy,
She might be giving a friendly greeting
To someone she's happy to be meeting.
'See you tonight, Mary! Don't be late!
Remember that we have got a date!'
Or could it be that there's been a theft
And that some little ragamuffin has just left
Clutching a large plum in his fist,
Hoping that it will not be missed!
'Come back you varmint! That's not your plum!
You wait! I'm going to tell your Mum!'
Or is she requesting some spicy news,
And are the locals exchanging views?
'Boy or girl? What colour hair?
Does it look like Louis or Pierre?'
It could be she's singing a favourite song,
Requesting the others sing along!
'Frere Jacque' might be her choice
But I bet she's got an awful voice!
We'll never know, because, you see,
We weren't part of her Gay Paree.

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Liz Rice-Sosne said...

Loved those Razzy buns it was a wonderful experience to read your bouncy poem as it brought to me the smells of the buns and a desire to eat them and have tea. Yummy.

carol l mckenna said...

Yummy! ~Awesome ~ ^_^ ~ Great for Ruby Tuesday ~ namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)