Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Image

Blake with a Mullard relation, Sam.


What they gazed  at long ago
Is clearly not for me to know.
They see a picture that delights;
Something they have in their sights.
The digital age, when all the action
Is captured in instant satisfaction.
They capture an image, and so do I;
Something to treasure as the years go by.



In the Hunter Valley Gardens there are beds amassed with roses
And there we find these children in a myriad of poses!
Figures cast in bronze cavort upon the tended grass
But a lady made of flesh and blood attracts us as we pass.
Her husband was the benefactor who laid-down the whole park,
In business enterprises he had always made his mark.
And when he planned the Gardens as the zenith of his life
He kept a special area to pay tribute to his wife.
Here she is surrounded by grandchildren having fun;
When the next one comes along they add another one!
She must be very proud of this, her own especial place.
I'm sure, if you look closely, you'll see a smile upon her face!


Kay L. Davies said...

How wonderful, the grandmother's garden. Her husband must have loved her very much.
And the children with the camera — I had a digital camera with a very small screen, and my young niece and nephew complained because they couldn't both see it at the same time. So I got a new camera with a larger screen. Silly Auntie Kay.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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SmilingSally said...

Those boys are sooo cute.

Happy Blue Monday, Brenda!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Great picture of the boys. The garden art is wonderful...I can see how it would be inspiring.