Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Spark!

asks for a jubilant poem


Glory be! Oh Glory be!
The spark of life has inhabited me!
Of all the dormant cells on earth
The Spark arrived and gave me birth!
It could have been the previous cell
That won the prize and rang the bell.
I could have waited in the dark
And never felt that vital Spark!
The life force could have danced on past
Into eternity, wide and vast,
And taken up residence in some spot
Where I the rejected cell was not!
But no, it flared and life began
And I have so enjoyed my span.
Now, though the days go faster, quicker,
I still enjoy that sizzling flicker
That allows me to play a part.
Oh Spark! Oh Spark! How great thou art!



A simple blue and a simple green,
With a little woodiness in between;
They hardly make a dramatic scene!
Is it really worth recording?
Ah yes! For here is the majesty
Of Nature's sappiness set free,
The buds of Spring on a wintry tree!
What could be more rewarding?


Susie Clevenger said...

What a wonderful expression of birth and life...The spark arrived and gave me birth..I still enjoy that sizzling flicker....I really enjoyed this...

Anonymous said...

The life force could have danced on past Into eternity, wide and vast

Splendid! Whitman would be so proud. Another amazing piece that im honored to have in FWF! Thank you so much!

Maude Lynn said...

The Spark is so full of zest and life! I love it!