Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beauty at Any Price

supplied the illustration


Beauty at any price!
Some treatment isn't nice.
You are left with lots of bruises
Just to look good on your cruises.
There have been many hitches
Due to some faulty stitches.
Botoxed lips are just protrusions
Scarred by some pointless new contusions.
Bits cut from chubby cheeks
May not heal for weeks and weeks.
You wont like your bloodshot eyes
And no-one will sympathise.
You will get some funny stares
And spend a fortune on repairs.
Cheek and forehead, nose and lips;
As one bit firms, another slips.
Though you may try lots of patching
You'll end up with nothing matching.
Beauty at any price!
Let the face you've got suffice!


There we are, 'foetal', lying in bed,
With the sheet and blanket over our head.
With our breath all blah and our nose all glug
And the bedroom full of that night-time fug.
Our blood runs slowly, our heart tick-tocks
With the sluggish precision of ancient clocks.
Our mind is dull and our eyes are shut;
There's a flopsish feeling in our gut.
The morning's come but we wish we were dead.
The very idea of quitting our bed!
The sun's too bright, the day before us,
Is horribly, terribly too much for us!
We wish the tweeting birds would expire,
Falling dead from that overhead wire!
It's all to much!
But Nature's cure;
That's destined to put us right for sure
Is the instinct to s-t-r-e-t-c-h!
At first it's slow,
But a little stretch very soon will grow.
The toes will extend to the cool, cool sheet,
The heart will spry-up with a lively beat.
The arms, as they stretch will appear to lengthen!
The fingers will flex and suddenly strengthen!
New life will flow through our willing veins,
Flushing away the night's remains!
We'll have a scratch and maybe grimace
And joy will spread all over our face!
The Stretch, my friends, is Nature's way
Of preparing us for a brand new day.


jabblog said...

I like your comment on cosmetic surgery - who wants to look plastic? (Quite a lot of folks, apparently!)
A good stretch is wonderful at any time of day and it's the thing all animals do on waking.

Janet Martin said...

Thank-you for the smiles this rainy morning. You have a grans sense of humor!! I love it! Esp. 'Botoxed lips are just protrusions'! I laughed out loud at that! Great use of the prompt!

Helen said...

Oh these are great .. especially the surgery poem. So true, so true!

Anonymous said...

Love "Let the face you've got suffice!" A Just Say No sort of statement that I think every beauty addict (if I can call them that) should be exposed to again and again, until they get it. (Guess I won't hold my breath though :)

Susie Clevenger said...

Love these...the surgery one so true...and we all need to