Friday, September 16, 2011



Jinsky supplied both illustration and meme.


Were I a raptor in the air, hovering over prey,
The earth would not look blank and clear, in this unoccupied way.
Human eyes, looking from a height, see a picture such as this,
But there are many, many things the human eye must miss.
We see the sea, we see the trees, the beach and sandy shore.
But the raptor soaring in the blue sees this and so much more.
He sees the little field-mouse as it trembles scared and cowering;
He sees it as a tasty meal he'll soon be overpowering.
He sees the minute insects as they scamper to and fro;
Each one a morsel he will snap as soon as he  flies low.
He sees the eggs deep in the nest, and fledglings by their side;
They are simply prey to him; there's nowhere they can hide.
We think that we see clearly, but our eyesight can't compare
With the vision of a raptor as it hovers in the air.

(A Cinquain)

Leaf-like, misshapen.
Shuddering, twisting, scratching.
Emerging crumpled and surprised.


for a great prize.


Jinksy said...

Another one flying high today?! LOL (Loved the mention of glasses in the comment you left!)
Thanks for hopping on the Tandem again with this owl's-eye-view poem.

jabblog said...

I don't think I could cope with the acute vision of a raptor!!

Margaret said...

How do you do it day after day? You must speak in rhyme.

Laurie Kolp said...

I so enjoy reading your poetry...

Unknown said...

What a fabulous view ...and so wonderfully worded ...thank you x